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DUI Arrest – The Big Picture

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Being arrested in California for driving under the influence of alcohol (or DUI) can have a serious impact on your life. From fines and possible jail time to a permanent California criminal record, your DUI or drunk driving charges should not be taken lightly.

What most California DUI defendants don’t realize is that an arrest for drunk driving is twofold; one portion relates to the criminal aspect of the DUI arrest while the other portion relates to the California Department of Motor Vehicles’ aspect of the DUI arrest.

What many California DUI defendants do realize is that hiring an experienced California DUI attorney such as Thomas Wallin has made the difference between a winning defense and a losing defense.

The California DUI Arrest Process

Criminal DUI

During an arrest for San Bernardino drunk driving or DUI a citation is normally issued. This citation shows the date that the defendant is required to appear in Court. The courthouse address will depend on where in San Bernardino the defendant was located when stopped by the police. At this stage, hiring a qualified DUI attorney such as Thomas Wallin to assist with your case and court appearance will greatly contribute to securing a favorable outcome.

When the DUI charge is classified as a misdemeanor, the defendant is not required to attend Court; Mr. Wallin will go on your behalf and argue your case. For felony cases, the defendant must be present during all court hearings. Thomas Wallin will attend as well and argue each case. Either way, the presence of a skilled criminal defense attorney will greatly benefit the DUI defendant.

California DMV

Known more as an administrative hearing, the California Department of Motor Vehicles gives DUI defendants the opportunity to argue their drunk driving or DUI charges before license suspension begins.

How it works: To defend your right to legally drive in the state of California, you need to request a DMV hearing within ten (10) days after the citation was given. If this date is missed you risk losing your California driving privileges altogether. All DUI-related hearings for San Bernardino are handled through the San Bernardino Safety Office.

Contact Thomas Wallin immediately to avoid the risk of losing your license and to obtain the most aggressive approach to your DUI defense. Without attorney representation 95% of DUI hearings are lost. A skilled DUI lawyer will be prepared to argue many technical issues that are well beyond the knowledge of the average individual and oftentimes overlooked.

Your DUI Defense
As each San Bernardino drunk driving case is different, the best DUI defense for your California case will depend upon the circumstances that surround your arrest, the charges you face, your criminal background, and other factors. Thomas Wallin, an experienced California criminal defense attorney who focuses his practice exclusively on California DUI, begins by asking a series of simple questions and proceeds with a more thorough examination of every element of your case.

DUI Attorney Thomas Wallin covers all legal bases to prevent you from unfairly losing your driving privileges or suffering unjust penalties and consequences. Should your DUI case go to trial Thomas Wallin is fully prepared to argue on your behalf. Read about the DUI trial process for San Bernardino drunk driving charges.

Understanding the legal process that surrounds your DUI arrest, charges, and defense is paramount to the success of your case. Thomas Wallin will walk you through every step of your DUI legal matter to ensure satisfactory resolution.

Time is essential when DUI charges are made. Securing an attorney as soon as possible is your best defense for San Bernardino drunk driving and DUI arrests. Contact the offices of Thomas Wallin directly or fill out our online DUI form to begin the representation process.

Thomas Wallin

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With hundreds of criminal defense cases to his credit, California DUI Attorney, Thomas Wallin, combines his unprecedented level of talent with a steadfast defense approach to produce the most effective results for defendants of every background.

Years of experience in the Southern California courtrooms have solidified Mr. Wallin’s existing history of securing favorable outcomes related to DUI charges, DMV hearings, and all criminal matters. For both misdemeanor and felony charges, Thomas Wallin is met with great success, partly due to his well-established relationships with Judges and District Attorneys in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, and San Diego counties.

Understanding how the California law applies to juvenile criminal defense makes Thomas Wallin stand apart. Constantly in court representing juvenile DUI charges, including drug-related offenses, Mr. Wallin takes pride in his ability to effectively prepare the youthful defendant for every foreseeable circumstance.

A graduate of the University of Southwestern School of Law (with an accelerated 23-month ABA approved program) and recipient of the Paul Wildman Scholarship, Thomas Wallin continues his path of exceptional performance by sustaining winning defenses for adult and juvenile offenders. For over a decade, Mr. Wallin has aggressively worked toward assisting the accused. He is a current member of the National College for DUI Defense and regularly attends DUI training seminars to stay abreast of California DUI policies.

Prior to going into private practice, Mr. Wallin worked as a medical malpractice defense attorney, where he learned the scientific properties of how of alcohol is absorbed by the body. When defending DUI cases, Thomas has relied upon this insightful knowledge to build convincing arguments presented to the jury. Fully understanding how alcohol is transported through the body has proven extremely beneficial to winning DUI defenses.

The best part about securing Thomas Wallin for legal representation is in knowing your case will be handled exclusively by Mr. Wallin. Associates are never used as attorney substitutes and lawyer outsourcing is unheard of. Thomas Wallin personally manages each and every DUI case to ensure the best defense possible.

For more information about Thomas Wallin, Esq., please contact the San Bernardino DUI law firm.

DUI Lawyer San Bernardino

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In the state of California, an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol (or DUI) has the potential to permanently damage your future and those around you. From a California criminal record to lengthy jail sentences, DUI charges range from misdemeanor to felony and require the presence of a licensed California attorney for the strongest defense possible.

Fluent in the California and San Bernardino Court systems, Thomas Wallin effectively defends misdemeanor and felony DUI charges for defendants of all backgrounds.

Case Results
2007 DUI

Represented ex cop’s wife, hung jury 8-4

Not Guilty
San Bernardino DMV Hearing:

BAC .24 with accident, license suspension

3rd Offense
Rancho Cucamonga DUI:

BAC .24

DUI with Accident:

Jury Trial:

3rd Offense DUI:

BAC .14:

2nd Offense
DUI Barstow:

driving with BAC over .08

SAVED Client’s license and job!

Prior vehicular manslaughter, prior felony DUI & violation of parole with 25 to life Sentence REDUCED to only 4 years
DMV Refusal,

Revocation: Overturned
2007 DUI

Represented ex cop’s wife, hung jury 8-4

Not Guilty
As the tolerance for alcohol-related driving incidents wanes, California is increasing its pressure on drinkers who consider driving to take a back seat or walk home. Groups such as MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) and local designated driver programs are influencing community members to crack down on California drunk driving cases, in an attempt to reduce highway DUI traffic accidents.
The need for a skilled attorney who focuses exclusively on DUI cases to defend your California drunk driving charges is imminent. Thomas Wallin, an experienced California DUI and DMV trial lawyer, who holds current membership with the National College for DUI Defense, is determined to pull out all the stops for your San Bernardino drunk driving defense.

Once the attorney-client relationship has been established, Thomas Wallin continually prepares you for the expected as well as the unexpected while patiently covering all areas of concern.

Beginning with the California DUI defense process, your drunk driving charges and the necessary courses of action will be carefully reviewed.
The need for a California DMV Hearing will be determined and, if so, Mr. Wallin will argue on your behalf.
The California DUI Trial process, including witnesses, evidence, and your defense will be explained and executed with precision.
Any and all questions pertaining to your California arrest, DUI charges, criminal record, penalties, potential consequences, and other case-related matters will be thoroughly addressed.
The ultimate outcome for your San Bernardino or California DUI case is only as strong as your best argument. Mr. Wallin has assisted hundreds of defendants win unexpected results by relying upon his solid criminal defense background and sharp negotiating skills. Contact the firm for a free consultation and learn why your defense needs the strength of California DUI Attorney Thomas V. Wallin.

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